ABU’s ex-DVC dies during Juma’at prayers

Former Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration) of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, Professor Abdullahi Yakubu Nasidi, died on Friday while observing the weekly Juma’at prayer at the university’s central mosque.
Confirming the death yesterday, the head of ABU’s public affairs department, Dr. Isma’il Shehu, said ABU was thrown into mourning when the news of the professor’s death filtered into the university.
“Professor Nasidi slumped and died after rising from his ruku’u (bowing) in the first raka’at (part) of  (Friday’s) Juma’at prayer. The sudden death of Professor Nasidi has shocked the university, but we take solace from the fact that we are all from Allah and to Him we shall certainly return. The vice chancellor of the university, Professor Abdullahi Mustapha, led other management staff for the funeral rites of the late professor.
In fact, because the VC was also at the mosque, he was the one that personally led the team that took Professor Nasidi to Sickbay (ABU’s campus clinic), where he was confirmed dead. Professor Mustapha and other management staff of the university have since condoled the family of Professor Nasidi and are presently receiving thousands of sympathisers,” Dr. Shehu said.
Professor Nasidi was born in 1950. Before his death, he was a professor of Comparative English Literature and has served the university at various capacities, including Deputy Vice Chancellor (Admin).


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  1. I like ds site. An not only like, i like to be politician in my futuer. May GOD help me.

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